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We all know winds can cause damage.  Strong winds from tornadoes will damage or destroy anything in their paths including concrete buildings, steel building, site built homes and Factory Built Homes.

In most of the country, including Indiana, manufactured homes are built to withstand sustained winds in the range of 70 miles-per-hour. Above this range, a manufactured home will experience some form of damage. Only in the case of severe weather, such as a tornado, are these areas likely to experience winds in excess of 70 miles-per-hour.

An important element in the adequate wind safety of a manufactured home is the proper installation and anchoring of the home according to the manufacturer's instructions. Installation standards are regulated on a state-by-state basis. When properly installed and anchored, the manufactured home's wind resistance is significantly improved. For each new manufactured home sold, the manufacturer must include installation instructions to properly support and anchor the home. This requirement is part of the windstorm protection provisions of the HUD Code.  All homes in Indiana should be installed by a Licensed Manufactured Home Installer.