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Factory Built Homes have been chosen by over 150,000 Hoosier families and more than 8.7 million American families as the best housing option for them.  They are well built, safe and surprisingly affordable homes that can be located in a variety of settings allowing you to find the house and location that fits your lifestyle.  Unlike traditional construction, Factory Built Homes are built in a controlled building environment and are constructed to a national building standard instead of local codes.

Since 1976 the United States Office of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has overseen the design and construction of Factory Built Homes.  A rigorous design certification and construction inspection process means that manufactured homes are consistently built to national standards instead of a local building code.

Factory Built Homes are built inside large factories, and this type of construction offers a number of advantages over tradition site-built housing.  Both types of housing can use the same building materials but Factory Built Homes has the benefit of a controlled building environment that eliminates weather damage and delays, a single delivery point for materials for multiple houses, an experienced and consistent construction team and an efficient building process.