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The Factory Built Home construction process is naturally efficient.  Building materials are stored indoors and are not damaged by weather.  Consistent floorplans and team building allow for precise ordering and limits scrap materials, which can often be used for another application or recycled.  Because several homes are under construction at all times builders can order materials in bulk and have one delivery location, saving time, money and fuel.

The homes themselves are also efficient.  The factory building approach allows for consistently tight tolerances that combine with appropriate insulation to minimize heat loss in the winter and to maximize cooling in the summer.

Many Factory Built Homes can also be ordered as an ENERGY STAR certified home.  ENERGY STAR is a nationally recognized, voluntary labeling program designed to identify and promote energy-efficient products, new homes and buildings to consumers and business owners across the United States.  An ENERGY STAR qualified home is significantly more energy efficient in its heating, cooling, and water heating than a comparable standard code home.